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What makes Aqua Vim better?

Aqua Vim's Ocean View and Moon View glass aquariums are acclaimed as the Rolls Royce of Reef Tanks, for several good reasons:

a). Our tank glass is specially made for the purpose of surpassing our competitors in safety, clarity, and sustainability: It is clearer than most other tank manufacturers' glass and tougher and more scratch-resistant than Starphire and other low-iron glass.... To go to the extreme safety level, we can use Aqua Vim's IR (Impact Resistant) glass or even IR Plus glass, virtually bullet proof, quake proof. Unlike some tempered glass under force, Aqua Vim glass will never explode and burst thousand pieces into the air, jeopardizing the safety of anyone around.

b). Aqua Vim's superior glass bending technology is unique and proprietary and creates virtually no distortion of image, in addition to the benefit that curved corner makes your-running-around children and anyone near much safer...

c). Aqua Vim's unique, multi-intake overflow box design and bigger pre-drilled holes allow smoother and stronger water flow at a quieter mode, giving you better filtration efficiency;

d). Unlike it's competitors, Aqua Vim never uses pressboard in the manufacture of aquarium furniture. Aqua Vim uses real wood, even steel structure reinforcements sandwiched with real wood if needed, in the Moon View and Ocean View series, and combination of stainless steel/glass/acrylic in Bay View and Canyon View series, to make your aquarium furniture last a lifetime...

e). As Aqua Vim aquariums are all hand-made, painstaking attention is paid to fine details. Artwork, signatures, colors, and dimensions, even personalized photos or logos, can all be custom-made to individual desires so that every owner of one of these fine aquariums can not only be proud to have one but pass on to future generations as well.


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