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Star View Aquariums

From 105 gallons to 12,000 gallons, built with AquaVim glass or Starphire / Ultra-Clear glass.

    SV 280 gallon with MV golden oak F139 furniture.


Star View series have virtually no limit on sizes and designs.  You can choose a standard style below, or variety of custom styles [ here ], or just give us a sketch and we will make it to your desired specification.

                                                                                                Standard SV tanks with OV furniture

View more pictures of variety of SV custom styles [ here ].

Star View series have virtually no limit on sizes and designs. Give us a sketch and we will custom make to your desired specification. 

The following are the dimensions of our standard-size tanks, that, when used with our furniture, will fit the lighting fixtures and 3D coral inserts we offer (For overall dimension, add 1 to 2 inches in length and width):

105 gallon: Tank 40x24x25"H; 

125 gallon: Tank 40x24x30"H; 

135 gallon: 52x24x25"H;

162 gallon: 52x24x30"H;

200 gallon: 64x24x30"H;

280 gallon: 76x28x30"H;

310 gallon: 96x30x25"H;

420 gallon: 108x30x30"H;

680 gallon: 120x36x36"H;

1,080 gallon: 144x48x36"H;

3,000 gallon: 144x120x40"H

3,300 gallon: 276x138x20"H

6,000 gallon: 288x120x40"H

12,000 gallon: 576x120x40"H

Want different size? E-mail us:

View some of the super custom glass tanks we built [ here ].

View Star View aquarium styles by clicking any one below:


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