Aquarium Series:      

Moon View Aquariums

   Full cylinder

   1/2 cylinder

   1/4 cylinder

   3/4 cylinder

   Pillar hider cylinder

   Roman style

   Piano style

   Library style

   Seamless bow

   U-shape room divider

   High cube


Ocean View Aquariums

   Seamless bow

   U-shape room divider

   Half cylinder


   Piano style

   Full cylinder

   3/4 cylinder

   Cube bow


Star View Aquariums

   Louvre styles


   Screen aquarium

   Jellyfish aquarium

   4-Ultra cube


   Super  custom


Grand View Aquariums

   Seamless bow

   Half cylinder


   panoramic angle





Table Aquariums


Feng Shui Aquariums

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Small-size aquarium special deals


Bonus: For limited time only, we will include a heater and a gravel cleaner as bonus for anyone purchasing an aquarium of 10 to 48 gallons.

*10 gallon seamless bow front desktop glass aquarium, with light hood, light bulb, top filter, filter pad, power head, in silver color. $89 only. View it [ here ]


*16 gallon Grand View seamless half circle glass aquarium, lighting hood, power head, filter, media, in black color, fish ready combo special for $155 only. View it [ here ].


* 25 gallon Grand View seamless curved reef ready cube aquarium combo, with upgraded 32" high real wood cabinet stand, in black cherry, hid-in-tank wet-dry filter, media, 310gph pump, light hood, 72w power compact light.  Sales for only $295. view it [ here


*36 gallon reef-ready seamless curved glass aquarium with built-in wet-dry filter, skimmer, pump, 110w pc light, real wood cabinet stand and canopy in black cherry. Complete reef ready set for only $495. View the model [ here ].