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                                         Programs for Sales Representatives

If you don't have a pet-related retail location to display our aquarium products, but interested in growing together with us, there are 3 options:

A). Local Sales Rep: If you are minimum 100 miles away from existing dealers posted on Dealer page of this website, you can become a local independent sales rep of us and enjoy high commission. We will help you as much as we can and provide you with leads of potential buyers in your area. Your first 6 sales must be made to local restaurants, hotels, doctor's offices, etc., afterward you can sell to pet stores. If you are interested, please e-mail us to discuss.

B). Joint Venture Distribution Partner: If you have the confidence and vision that this company will do great with its unique styles and proprietary know-how in aquarium making, you may invest into this company and become a joint venture partner. We will either hand over to you our existing accounts in your area of states and let you manage it, or we can setup a distribution center and manage it for you and share the profit with you. Please see [ Joint Venture Partner Program ].

C). Aquarium Service company or Regional Sales: If you are away from our exclusive store dealers, you can setup an aquarium service business, and be benefited from exchange of referrals with us: We refer you customers who bought aquariums and need after-sale services, you refer us or our dealers customers who need to upgrade their aquariums. In additional, you enjoy the following privileges, subject to our approval: 

        1). If you sell directly to consumers, such as restaurants, hotels, doctor's offices, and families, in your authorized territory, you may enjoy a profit up to the full marked-up value from service dealer drop-ship prices.

        2). In addition, you can provide your customers with aquarium installation and maintenance, and keep the profits from such services all to yourself. 

        3). If you intend to sell to pet shops and aquarium stores based on our dealer wholesale prices, and commit to make a monthly minimum number of sales, you will enjoy up to 10% commission, and you can also provide installation/maintenance services based on your own arrangement with the stores.

        4). We refer to you, free of charge, customers who buy our aquariums and want installation and/or maintenance services in your area.

        5). We refer to you potential customers generated from our national ads, who are interested in the same styles and sizes of the aquariums you have on display in your location, as long as such referral does not conflict with a dealer store in the area.

        6). If there is a need and if we determine you have the skills needed, we can pay you for repair, alteration, or any other work relating to the warranty of our aquariums.

        7). We give you exclusive trading territory, so other sales rep will not collide and compete with you.

        8). You enjoy virtually no competition from other suppliers as our products are either unique, or both better and less expensive, and require heavily-invested equipment and know-how to make and therefore are extremely difficult to copy.

        9). We treasure you as our partner, and will try our best to support you and to make you grow.


        1). Being the owner of your business, you work independently as your own boss, with 100% supports from us. You are responsible for your expenses and business liability.

        2). You must have verifiable experiences in aquarium keeping of both freshwater and saltwater, or you receive free training from us. You must be highly mobile and be physically strong. Knowing the basics of reef keeping will be a plus.

        3). You are required to actively sell our products, and place initial 5 separate aquarium orders any time first at suggested retail prices, then get the refund of the difference between dealer prices and retail prices at the 6th order. The first 5-set orders must consist of Ocean View and Moon View aquariums.

Please e-mail us if you want to proceed further.

Applications are processed in the order received. One trading area will be given to only one approved rep.