Promotional Incentives

If you are an individual aquarium hobbyist interested in purchasing our aquarium, but cannot find our authorized Dealer within 50 miles of your location, the information from this page can help you get a great deal.

A). If you are at least 50 miles away from any one of our Dealers, you automatically enjoy 5% discount* from our Price List;

B). In addition, we will waive the shipping charge, and give you a $100 credit, if you help complete all the following 4 steps:

        1). Print out 6 copies of 1-page brochure and Dealer Application Form, and hand one set to each of the 6 local aquarium stores in your area; and

        2). Tell the stores which aquarium you are interested, and inform them that your order will be counted as one set of the required purchases for dealership activation, whether or not you pay the store or pay us directly for your order;

        3). Inform us by e-mail to list the names, addresses, contact persons, and phone numbers of the 6 stores you have given the brochures and forms to;

        4). After any one of the 6 stores sends us the application and activates dealership within 30 days after you send us the above email, we will do the following:


+ Upon all the 1), 2), 3), and 4) are done, we will let the newly-joint dealer to honor your order, and we will also authorize to waive your shipping charge and give you an $100 credit that you can use to buy fish and/or corals from the new dealer.

+ When we received a dealership activation order, we will first try to match the info provided by your emails mentioned in 3) above, to make sure your efforts are not made in vain.

+ If your have done all the above but none of the 6 aquarium stores activates their dealership within 30 days, you can buy directly from us at 15% discount for aquariums and 25% discount for lights, sump filter, ornaments, and other accessories.

+ To qualify yourself for the incentives, you order must be shipped together with the order of the new dealer and you need to receive or pickup from the new dealer. 

* The above applies to all deals equal to or larger than $1,000 in value, but the discount does not apply to special deals or auction sales.


Any other program that helps me save?

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