Product Series

We are proud to present our unique all glass aquarium series: With such a wide variety of styles and shapes, there is sure to be one that meets the design requirements for virtually any home or office. Please review each series below and select the one that best suits your needs:

Bay View Aquariums: Our new series exhibits a luminous and glossy finish for a luxurious feel. Our superb quality stainless steel in the cabinet stand is overlaid with natural stone-like or wood-like acrylic to ensure a modern appearance in the home. A removable glass terrace sits upon the aquarium top to potentially display artworks, trophies, and more.

Ocean View Aquariums: The Rolls Royce of reef-ready aquariums, this is for those who want nothing but the best. Ocean View's unusually tall seamless curved glass aquariums give you unsurpassed clarity and unobstructed viewing pleasure. The handcrafted, fine wood cabinet stands and canopies are also tall and elegant, bringing the beauty of your aquatic world up to eye level... like fine art.

Moon View Aquariums: We also call this the Emperor Series, a great leap higher from Ocean View. In everything an emperor owns, there is the symbol of power and luxury. And an emperor will not bend his body or lower his head to watch... This is made a reality with Moon View's extraordinary tall stands and sophisticated front-door design canopies. Moon View aquariums reflect an aquarist's true aesthetic refinement. 

Canyon View Aquariums: Water, land, and sky! - You are the master of all and between.

Star View Aquariums: The Star View series is a straight-forward, no-nonsense line of aquariums for people with a sharp eye looking for life-long craftsmanship and lasting quality. The same old fashion tank but one which is both frameless and flawless to please even the most discriminating of hobbyists. As this line developed and earned more applause, we added more styles, some with lavish classicism, into the series.

Grand View Aquariums: Modern and well-equipped, these fish-ready aquarium combos include an upper filter, power head and lighting hood (for non-desk-top versions they also includes a wood stand). Setup is so easy that you can begin to enjoy the aquarium the same day you take it home. This series is designed to please price-sensitive aquarists. If you find anyone comparable to us in price, be sure to compare our material advantages: There is a difference.

Table Aquariums: Relax on your sofa with one of our table aquariums in front of you and you'll have more than just your favorite TV show to entertain you!

Feng Shui Aquariums: The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui is the art of organizing one's surroundings to create positive life energy. Whether you believe in this thousand-year old, time-tested theory or not, you may just find that these aquariums refresh your eyes, stimulate your mind, rejuvenate your body and soothe your soul.

Aquarium lightings and Accessories: We also manufacture advanced lighting fixtures and other aquarium accessories for the aquarium hobby. These include Aqua Vim's reef lighting systems, known for being the very best light for reef corals; Cross-Wave, our programmable, natural wave maker for large reef tanks; Eco-smart sump, the multi-tasking filter that helps naturally balance ecology in aquarium system; Top-off system, to refill your tank automatically; Variable speed control fan, and ornaments such as artificial coral reef sculptures and plants, and more other items.  These accessories will greatly enhance the aesthetics of your underwater world.


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