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Ocean View half cylinder glass aquariums

OV 68 gal half cylinder reef tank.


OV 60 gallon extend half cylinder tank with real wood skirt-less cabinet stand and door-less canopy in light walnut color.

OV topless 60 gallon extend half cylinder tank with skirt-less stand in light walnut color.

OV 140 gal half cylinder with custom OV furniture.


OV 98 and 118 gal half cylinder tanks with blue overflow box and blue background, in rose cherry F103 and black cherry F134.

 OV 98 gallon half cylinder tank with black background, in natural cherry, and its open back stand and canopy with cooling fan slots.


Shown above, is our Ocean View 118 gal half cylinder, setup and serviced by our exclusive dealer Aquarium Technology, one of the most reputable aquarium full service companies in Midland, Texas.



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