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 Ocean View 55 gallon cube bow glass aquarium  

        - Tired of daily water testing of your Nano Cube?  It's time to liberate yourself with this cube combo.

OV cube bow unstained (for you to paint or stain your own desired color). View more pictures [ here ].

OV 55 cube bow reef-ready aquarium combo includes a seamless curved glass tank with overflow box, plumbing kit, real wood cabinet stand and canopy, and a lighting fixture (either a 110w power compact or a 48w T5HO).

Wet dry sump filter is optional. Sump filter package comes with media and an 570gph pump A-510.

Included detailed features and dimension:

        Over-all: 26"L x 23"W x 63"H, approximately.

        Tank: 25"L x 22" x 24"H, approximately. With seamless bow front glass.

        Overflow: Either a regular half-circle-shape overflow box, or, a DragonFlow pipe set that you don't have to use now if you are using a canister filter but can install it in the future when you upgrade your system.

        Wood canopy: 26"L x 23"W x 10"H, approximately. With feeding tube and lifting door on top. Back is open for ventilation, keeping options open for future fan mounting. Unlike lighting hoods from other manufacturers, OV wood canopy gives you unlimited ability of changing or upgrading your lighting fixture, without worrying having to throw away the whole top unit or even the whole aquarium in case light breaks down.

        Wood stand: 26"L x 23"W x 32"H, approximately. Back is open for moisture escape. Front has press-open door that is equipped with "click-off, snap-on" stainless adjustable hinges.

        Plumbing kit: bulkhead fittings, elbows, adapters, PVC tubes, etc.

        Lighting fixture: You have choices of 48w T5HO or 110w Power compact lighting fixtures. Add a small fee and you can upgrade to 220w power compact, 96w T5HO, or 298w metal halide+T5HO. See details [ here ].


Aqua Vim Smart Sump Filter: Sump package includes sump, filter pads, bio balls, drip plates, screen plates, plumbing kit, 570gph pump.

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