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Ocean View, 90, and 115 gallon 3-quarter cylinder   Where to put? get ideas [here]


OV 107 gallon, 3-quarter cylinder aquarium, 270 degree seamless curved glass, with feeding tube and cooling fan slot (for 4 3/4" fan).

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Ocean View 3/4 cylinder aquariums:

90 gallon: Overall dimension: 34"L x 29"W x 70"H, approximately

                Tank size: 32"L x 28"W x 30"H; Stand: 32"H; Canopy: 10"H

115 gallon: Overall dimension: 34"L x 29"W x 76"H, approximately

                Tank size: 32"L x 28"W x 36"H;  Stand: 32"H, Canopy: 10"H


    Colors to choose: make your choice by clicking here

    What is included: click here

     Optional accessories for this setup:       

         *Aqua Vim Smart Sump Filter, to achieve ecological water quality for your fish and corals.

        * Lighting systems: Choose MH + T5 combination fixture for your reef tank, or T5 HO fluorescent for fish only.

        * UV sterilizer to control algae and prevent fish disease.

         * Cooling fan with automatic speed control: If you use metal halide light inside canopy, this is indispensable.

        * CrossWave Rotary Wave System: This system sweeps your corals with periodic, turbulent waves at your targeted range automatically, to make your reef corals thrive.

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