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SuperQuiet Pumps:

SuperQuiet pumps:  So powerful, yet so quiet ! The latest pump-making technology makes these all possible. AquaVim's SuperQuiet series of pumps dare to challenge any pump currently on the market for its quietness of operation.  It runs like a gentle, cool summer breeze but produces exceptional flow capacity. Because of precision tooling technology and special shaft materials it uses, it consumes lower energy and generate less heat than most other pumps on the market. Designed to be used either as a submersible sump pump or as an external sump pump. 1" outlet on all its models from 1000gph to 2600ghp. Ideal for use as an upgrade pump in Aqua Vim Eco-smart sump combo for aquarium of 100 gallons or larger.



Developed specifically for AquaVim's luxurious lines of aquariums by renown marine bio project engineer Gary Loehr, ETSS® patented Sump Buddy DownDraft skimmer does an amazing job despite its small foot print, allowing even a compact sump filter to work like a large filtration system. We recommend one SumpBuddy 40 skimmer for up to 300 gallon reef tank if used with Aqua Vim EcoSmart Sump filter, or for up to 230 gallon reef tank if used with other brand wet-dry filter. To achieve more for larger tank, you can use two SumpBuddy 40 skimmers, you will find that not only two units occupy less space than one equivalent of other brands, but also they work more than twice the efficiency. For installation instruction, please click [ here ].


Cooling fan with variable speed control:

Cooling fan with speed control, 4 3/4" : This 4 ¾” fan with speed control, is made to fit all cooling fan slots of Aqua Vim MV aquarium canopies. It gives your aquarium hobby the following extra:   2). If you use metal halide inside the canopy of your tank, it’s important that you use it because it helps reduce temperature in your tank water, subsequently the workload of your chiller, and your bill. It runs so smooth and quiet you can't here a thing.



Thanks to AquaVim’s new development, now you can set your aquarium temperature electronically without getting your hands wet. This 300-watt titanium heater comes with a remote electronic controller that allows you to set a temperature range in your aquarium water, and a temperature sensing probe that send signal to the controller to automatically turn on and off the heater at targeted temperature. If the probe is out of water, the unit automatic shuts down to preventing overheating. LED on controller displays your aquarium water temperature where you place the sensing probe, as well your set/desired water temperature. Its heating tube is made of titanium. – no rust, no breakage. Dimension: The submersible heating unit is 15”L x 1” thick. Controller measures 5 ½” x 3 ½” x 1”. Temperature control ranges from 68F°~ 93F°).

This 300w heater comes with a protective case to prevent its glass tube from damage.


Top-off water-refilling system:


Top-off system: This automatic water refill system helps maintain water level in your wet dry filter sump tank. It comes with floating sensor, pump, adaptor, bracket support and hose.


Media Reactor /Bio-pellet reactor:

        Media Reactor AR-300                    Media Reactor AR-100

AquaVim's media reactor: Enables you to optimize your tank water, by using almost any media available on the market. For example, you can put in Phosban in the reactor to reduce the phosphate (a substance harmful to corals), or activated carbon to eliminate impurities, or bio-pellets to promote the growth of nitrifying bacteria that consume nitrate and phosphate that contribute to the production of unwanted algae and red slime, in your tank.  When choose your media, make sure you don't choose powder form, but granular form, so that grains of media can be gently blown up in suspension to achieve the maximum efficiency, but not passing the strainer holes.  Two models

    AR-300: The system requires a small pump or power head with 300~400gph to keep media tumbling for high efficiency, for tanks up to 300 gallons. Dimension 5" x 5" x 15 3/4" high.

    AR-100: The system includes a 200gph power head, for tanks up to 100 gallons. Foot print 3 1/2" x 3 1/2", 11" high.


CrossWave Rotary Wave system

Connect your pump or return pipe outlet, set your target range, and let it guide your outlet water to sweep your corals periodically. It rotates automatically within any set degree, even 360-degree range. Using only 6.5w of electricity, this system outperforms wave pumps with following advantages:

a). Even the most expensive wave pumps currently on the market target at only one angle. When you need to adjust its blowing angle. You will have to get your hands wet. With AquaVim CrossWave Rotary Wave system, it automatically sweep your desired target range. When you need to change to its sweeping range, all you have to do is to press buttons 3 times on the remote control panel, and it's ready to work automatically for you.

b).  Most wave pumps blow water constantly at the same direction at the same flow rate, this often blows food away before corals consume them, but not enough water flow to brush away the sticky wastes from corals out of targeted range. AquaVim CrossWave Rotary Wave system creates periodic, turbulent water movement, up to 360 degree target range, to wash away corals' wastes and to give them more time to catch and consume food in the water columns.

c). All pumps generate heat, while AquaVim CrossWave Rotary Wave System generates virtually no heat because it is not a pump itself. You just hook it up with the outlet at the end of you return pipe and attached it to the side of your glass top using included mounting kits. 

d). An additional way to use it: Strip-tie a Max-Jet 1200 pump, or other pumps to the pipe under the rotating head, and it will sweep your tank with waves in any degree.


Supporting Rack for Lighting fixtures:


Adjustable supporting rack for light fixture, designed for use with Aqua Vim reef light fixtures or super-thin T5HO light fixtures. Adjustable to all directions, comes with hanging cables, hangers, and locking mechanism. If used with other lighting fixture, buyer will need to drill 2 holes on top of fixture.       



  floating magnetic brush               Bio balls - 100pcs/bag             Bio rings - 2.2lbs/bag




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