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More pictures of room divider aquariums

The "click-on, click-off" cabinet doors can be opened from both sides, middle door frames are easily removable for total access, door hinges are adjustable. Canopy doors on both sides can be flip-opened and rest on supporting sticks. Cooling fan slots, light brackets and hangers make the canopy so easy to use with any lighting fixtures, and particularly ideal for use with our AquaVim metal halide reef lighting systems, and our 4-bulb or 8-bulb T5HO fixtures.


Custom 600 gal seamless bow front room divider, viewable both from front and back, this is its flat back side.

               This is the front of the 600 gal custom seamless bow tank.


MV 100 gal seamless U-shape in rose cherry and OV 98 gal half cylinder in white cherry


        Custom made 180 gallon Moon View seamless U-shape room divider aquarium set


            Custom-made seamless U-shape

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               Library style             Roman style 
              full cylinder                        pillar hider cylinder
                      3-quarter cylinder               half cylinder
                      corner (quarter cylinder)     MV seamless bow front
                    Piano style 

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