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More pictures of Moon View cylinder glass aquariums

MV 380 gallon cylinder glass aquarium, with 3D coral overflow and custom colors, custom-made for Marriott Hotels

                                        MV 280 gallon cylinder, custom made, with bench around.

        MV 280 gallon with rose cherry F103 furniture                                                       MV 185 gallon with black F134 furniture


                                        MV 185 gallon

                                            MV 185 gal

                    Custom-made 185 gal cylinder, with side shelves and removable table top around


MV 125 gal cylinder in white cherry F108   



                                                                    MV 125 gallon tank with black furniture

            MV 280 gal cylinder with black cherry F134

MV 185 gallon, with 3D coral overflow box cover

MV 600 gallon cylinder (60" diameter x 48" high), with reef sculptured overflow box purposely with less artificial corals for the owner to glue "fragged" live corals onto it.

Moon View cylinder aquarium with hand-made ventilating doors (ventilating door is optional and additional charges apply)


We can also open hidden side windows inside the cabinet stand, for electric wires from the floor to run for the sump filtration systems as well as to the tank top lighting fixture through the overflow box, without the wires being seen.

                                                                        Canopy View


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