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Lake View cube combo, seamless curved glass aquarium.

LV 36 gal cube reef-ready aquarium features an all-equipped combo that includes a seamless curved glass tank with built-in 3-stage wet-dry filter, real-wood cabinet stand and canopy, power heads, filter media, and 110w power compact fluorescent lighting fixture (option of 220w upgrade). You can also add the 3D coral background (item# AG-60) and glue your "fragged" live corals onto it.

Detailed features and dimension:

        Over-all: 25"L x 19"W x 56"H, approximately.

        Tank: 24"L x 18" x 20"H, approximately, with seamless curved panoramic angle glass.

        Wood canopy: 25"L x 20"W x 7"H, approximately. With feeding tube and lifting door on top. Back is open for ventilation, keeping options open for future fan mounting. Unlike light hoods from other manufacturers, OV wood canopy gives you unlimited ability of changing or upgrading your lighting fixture, without worrying having to throw away the whole top unit or even the whole aquarium in case light breaks down.

        Wood stand: 25"L x 20"W x 32"H, approximately. Back is open for moisture escape. Front has press-open door that is equipped with "click-off, snap-on" stainless adjustable hinges.

        Filter: Wet dry filter, bio balls, activated carbon, bio rings, and power head, all built-in at the back of the tank.

        Plumbing kit: elbows, adapters, PVC tubes, etc.

        Light : 24", either 2 x 55w power compact fluorescent lighting fixture, or optional upgrade to 4 x 55w.

        Skimmer set : Base-line skimmer rated for 50 gallon tank with pump included, or optional upgrade to Aqua Vim 1000 skimmer (rated for up to 75 gallon tank) with needle wheel pump; 

Color available: black cherry.

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