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More pictures of Star View Louvre styles

custom Louvre style # L1 with white color furniture.

custom Louvre style # L3, with carved-through artwork and lighted columns/beam.

custom style # L8.


Louvre style L3, carved-through artwork, lighted columns/beam, with 3D reef rock overflow box cover


                Louvre Style L1, with 3D reef rock background and overflow box cover


                            Louvre style E


                     Louvre style F, with carved-through artwork


                Louvre style G, with 3D rock overflow box cover and background

                        Louvre style H


"Cracker paint" - Nothing can be more unique and classy than optional "cracker paint" on louver style furniture. This kind of paint technique is almost lost in history and takes a really good artist a long time to finish.


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