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   Lake View Series - Finally, the lasting freedom aquarists have been longing for...


        Unlike many aquarium combos from other manufacturers, Aqua Vim's Lake View real wood cabinet stands and canopies provide you with the freedom to choose filter and lighting systems to suit your specific criteria. Why limit your hobby to only certain species because you are limited to only one kind of filtration system or one type of pre-configured, pre-mounted light fixture?! 

        Each seamless curved glass tank is made using top grade glass for unobstructed viewing pleasure and life-long clarity. The bottom and back panels of the tank are of non-tempered glass, leaving the options open for drilling in case you need change or you wish to upgrade to an advanced saltwater setup.  On your request, we can also provide a pre-drilled tank and a set of DragonFlow, so you can have the future upgrade work done by us now but still be able to implement your beginning plan. 

        Every LV aquarium cabinet stand is made using real wood, not pressed wood, to ensure that your enjoyment of this fine furniture lasts well in to the future. The cabinet stand is open in the back for moisture escape and completely free of a center wall in order to maximize the storage room for your existing equipment as well as any future equipment you may decide upon later. Adjustable stainless steel hinges make door openings and and closings a simple "tap action".

        The back of LV standard 7-inch-high canopy is open for the ease of temperature control, and an integrated feeding design gives you the choice of either manually feeding your fish without having to lift your canopy door or automatically feeding them by mounting an automatic feeder inside the canopy for scheduled feeding.

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                Seamless bow front     corner (quarter cylinder)
                half cylinder               U-shape room divider

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