We are looking for people to fill the following positions:


A. Commission-only sales representatives.

    We are looking for commission-only sales reps to cover large trading areas.

    Qualifications required: Knowledge of saltwater aquarium; having aquarium related background is a huge plus; must have great communication skills and have experiences in sales of any one of the following fields:

       a). High-end home products;

       b). Designing, furnishing, or decorating homes, hotels, offices, hospitals, restaurants, etc;

       c). Pet, or aquarium, or pond products.


B. (Deleted)


If you are an aquarium store owner? Print out the dealer application today, you will find yourself getting a lot more business than before, through our nation-wide ad campaigns. So, get in touch with us today before your competition - 80% of the regions are still open.

If you are an aquarium product wholesaler or distributor capable of selling aquarium products regularly in truckload quantity, send us e-mail today, we can manufacture a whole series of aquariums and relating products specifically for you, with your brand name and your logo on each item.


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