Updated: July 20, 2018

We are looking for people to fill the following positions:


A. Warehouse manager. $12 ~ $18 per hour, depending on your ability and skills.

    * This position can be in Queens, New York or Derby, Connecticut.

    * You are physically strong enough to lift 100+ lbs of merchandises, although we have lifting equipment and forklift to do the moving and you would not do this often.

    * You are handy or willing to learn to become handy. It would be a plus if you've already had some basic knowledge and skills in the fields of plumbing, wood work, glass work, electrical, or mechanics or construction.

    * You are honest and have a verifiable crime-clean, drug-clean background.

    * You have a valid driver license and able to drive, as you may need to deliver occasionally.

    * Speaks good English.


B.  Sales Manager/Operation manager.

    Basic wage + commission, for individual willing to help variety of work involving company operation that includes packaging, shipping, and other hand-on duties.

    Qualifications required: Knowledge of saltwater aquarium; having aquarium related background is a huge plus; must have great communication skills and have experiences in sales of any one of the following fields:

       * High-end home products;

       * Designing, furnishing, or decorating homes, hotels, offices, hospitals, restaurants, etc;

       * Pet, or aquarium, or pond products.

       * Communication skills orally and literally, on phone and on emails, knowing how to maintain