Aquarium Series:      

Moon View Aquariums

   Full cylinder

   1/2 cylinder

   1/4 cylinder

   3/4 cylinder

   Pillar hider cylinder

   Roman style

   Piano style

   Library style

   Seamless bow

   U-shape room divider

   High cube


Ocean View Aquariums

   Seamless bow

   U-shape room divider

   Half cylinder


   Piano style

   Full cylinder

   3/4 cylinder

   Cube bow


Star View Aquariums

   Louvre styles


   Screen aquarium

   Jellyfish aquarium

   4-Ultra cube


   Super  custom


Grand View Aquariums

   Seamless bow

   Half cylinder


   panoramic angle





Table Aquariums


Feng Shui Aquariums

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                                    Happy Referrer Reward: 

    * If you are one of the many happy users of Aqua Vim products, you can now reward yourself nicely by letting many others to enjoy the same.

Here is how:

a). After you start using our products, ask yourself whether you are happy with our products. If the answer is yes, refer us any friend of yours, and we will give you a reward equal to 5% of full sale price of his/her purchase minus shipping charge.

b). Your friend don't have to know about this, but you need to give us his/her full name and geographic location by e-mail before-hand, so that we can reward you based on the record that you have done a good deed both to us and to your friend.

c). You can take the reward either in form of products, or in form of check. If you decide to take a check, there is a $30 processing fee apply; If you take it in form of products, there is no processing fee but shipping charge will apply if you do not come to pickup.