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Grand View 25 gallon cube combo

                              --What's the difference between AquaVim's wood stands and others'? Compare [ here ]

GV 25 gallon seamless curved glass cube aquarium, with Lake View real wood stand

Overall dimension: 19"L x 17"W x 53"H

Tank dimension: 19"L x 17"W x 21"H, (with hood).

Stand height: 32"

Light: 72w (2 x 36w power compact), 10,000k.

Features included: Real wood cabinet stand, seamless curved glass tank, built-in-tank wet-dry filter with 3-stage filtration, 310gph pump, filter media (bio balls, bio rings, activated carbon, filter pads), cooling fans, plastic hood with 2x36w power compacts, easy-flip-open cover.

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