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    Grand View series: Aqua Vim's budget aquariums: 

        Out of Aqua Vim's 7 series of aquariums, Grand View series is the most worthy one in terms of value: You get virtually everything needed for a basic setup: Tank, stand, light hood, filter, and power head, all at prices affordable to most people in this hobby, without sacrificing safety, furniture look, function, and all the entertainment that an quality aquarium brings to you.

        Why we put "safety" first? ---Because, when price-sensitive consumers search for an aquarium for their needs, they tend to omit three major factors contributing to the safety of an aquarium: 1). The glass thickness of the tank; 2). The structural integrity and materials of the aquarium stand. 3). The shape of the aquarium.

        As a designer and manufacturer having been pursuing perfection in glass aquarium production for over 20-years, we believe that a manufacturer making 100 gallon or larger tank using 10mm (3/8") thick or thinner non-tempered glass merely gambles, not guarantees, the holding of water in tank. Such a gamble put your live stock, your home furnishings, and your downstairs neighbor relations, at stakes. - It is surely a quick sale for the seller because the material cost of 10mm thick glass is a lot lower than its next one thicker.

        You also need to look at the structural integrity of a stand and its materials, as the weight of an aquarium full of water is too much for ordinary furniture. Moisture and possible water spilt could be destructive, specially to pressed wood, the kind of material widely used for low-price furniture. Please compare the differences of Aqua Vim's aquarium stand and other's, by clicking [ here ]

        The shape of an aquarium effects not only your viewing pleasure, but also the safety of your fish and people around them. Conventional aquariums have 8 seams, while Aqua Vim's aquariums normally have 3 seams only and naturally presents a lot less chance of leakage. Box-like aquariums also have sharp or projecting glass corners - People, particular children, can run and hit these corners easier, causing injury or damage, or both.

Click to view Grand View styles below: 
                Seamless bow front     corner (quarter cylinder) 
                half cylinder               U-shape room divider
                 cube                             Desk-top units
        Panoramic angle

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