Fluorescent Ornaments

Add a pop of color to any saltwater or freshwater aquarium. All ornaments are made from soft silicon and are molded into

realistic looking sea life. Some ornaments display realistic movements by the natural water currents inside the aquarium.

All of these produce a glowing effect and are harmless to live creatures in the tank.


Price List



3041 Small Clownfish (2.5x0.5x1)                                   1121/1122 Small Jellyfish (2x2x5)                  3181/3201 Desjardini/Scarale (3.5x0.5x3)






3191 Banner Fish (3.5x0.5x3)               3141 Purple Tang (3.5x0.5x3)                                              3171 Butterfly Fish (3.5x0.5x3)




3211 Angel Fish (3.5x0.5x3)




3142 Blue Tang (3.5x0.5x2)                  3111 Green Mandarin Fish (3x2x3)         0032 Lionfish (5x4x3)





414021 Snail (3x2x2)                                   3042 Clownfish (2.5x0.5x1)                        1111/1112 Jellyfish (3x3x6)





410021 Clam (3.5x2x2)                                   211112 String Coral (2x2x6)                                  311178 Christmas Tree Anemone (3x3x6)     






311223 Big Sea Anemone (3x2.5x3)           311226 Small Bubble Sea Anemone (2x1.5x2)       311225 Small Sea Anemone (2x1.5x2.5)







 311302 Sea Cabbage (3x3x2)                                               311208 Feather Duster (4x2.5x3)        0013-2 Lotus Leaf & Mushroom (3.5x2.25x5)                                          






311141 Big Mushroom(5x4x4)                                       311161 Lotus Mix W/Flower (4x3x5)       31163 Lotus Mix (4x3x5) 





209101 Lotus Leaves (4x3x6)                          311204 Lotus Mix W/Frog (4x3x3)         0013 White Lotus Leaves (3.5x2.75x3)                                                 





0038/31105 Branch Coral (6x1.5x5)                     0015 Stone Coral Mix (6x2.5x6)       311172 Stone Coral W/Lotus Leaves (4x3x5.5)





311074 Small Stone Coral (3x2.5x6)            311081 Medium Stone Coral (5x5x4)      311071 Large Stone Coral (4x3x12) 





311155 Sea Leaves (1.5x1.5x4.5)