Pictures showing part of production equipment in our glass factory, including computerized thermo-bending, digitalized edging, and in-line drilling machinery.


What else can we make here, besides aquarium up to 20ft long ?

1). Curved glass;

2). Tempered glass;

3). Insulated glass;

4). Laminated glass;

5). Bullet-proof glass;

6). Fireproof glass;

7). Glass furniture;

8). Carved and painted glass.

9). Other glass work, like water jet cutting, digital edging, etc.

for following applications:

bulletHand Rails - Elevator Enclosures
bulletStore and Mall Fronts
bulletInterior Partitions
bulletShowcase and Fixture Glass
bulletWindow and Curtain Wall Systems
bulletSkylights - Vaults and Slope Glazing Applications
bulletBent Insulated, Bullet Resistant and Security Glazing

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