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                                        Driftwoods and Rocks

Price List


                                    KC-1101, 29" x 15" x 10"                                                        KC-1102, 15" x 11" x 8" 

                        KC-1103, 20" x 12" x 10"                                                                KC-1128, 15" x 10" x16"

               KC-1108, 14"x8"x5"                             KC-821, 12"x10"x7"

A-501, two-piece set of artificial mountain rocks, the large rock is 32"L x 15"W x 24"H, less than 10 lbs. Ideal for 38" long or bigger tank.

                        KD-701B, 19"x11"x23"                                      KD-701B, 19"x11"x23"

        KD-018C, 9x6x17"                                            KD-1132, 21x7x10"                                            KD-913, 12x7x8"


  A-505, artificial mountain rock with trees, 23"L x 13"W x 12"H.                                      A-551, tree rock, 24"L x 15"W x 13"H


            B-553, tree rock, 18"L x 9"W x 11"H                                           B-610, artificial rock, 29"L x 8"W x 17"H 

               B-612, driftwood, 10"L x 7"W x 12"H                                    C-504, 9"L x 6"W x 9"H                        

    C-528, rock and house, 12"L x 8"W x 8"H                                    A-701, rock and house, 15"L x 8"W x 11"H

            HXC-203, 14x9x8"                            HXC-204, 20x14x18"                       HXC-207, 12x10x10"

HXC-205, 11x9x6"                        HXC-0206, 13 1/2x7 1/2x10"                HXC-216, 7x3x5"


    HXD-018c, 10 /12x7 1/2x18"                           HXD-018d                                           HXG-015, 15x9 1/2x17"


     HXD-014, 8x3 1/2x5"            HXD-031b, 12 1/2x7x16"                HXG-018, 10x5x10"             HXG-013, 12x6x16" 



HXD-403, 3D background w/waterfall n back-filter option 32x10x15"           HXD-402, bottom set, 39x11 1/2x13"