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                                         Dealer Programs


There are two dealer programs available:

1. For pet shops or aquarium stores who have retail store fronts; and:

2. For aquarium service companies who have no retail store open to public.

(If you are an individual applicable to none of the above, please see more opportunities [ here ]).


As a qualified store dealer:

You have the following privileges:

1). You enjoy our dealer wholesale prices on all our aquarium products, and referrals of potential customers.

2). You enjoy exclusive territory of certain miles in radius from your retail store location, depending on the demographics of your store location.

3). We launch advertisements nation-wide, and list you as our authorized dealer on our web site. People in your area seeing our ads and your name in our website will come to your store with a purchase in mind.

4). As your optional request, we can provide your store employees with a 4-hour, lunch-included introductory training at our facility in New York, and answer questions directly from your employees and potential customers relating to our products so you just get sales with minimum efforts.

5). Subject to our approval and depending on your performance records, we can evaluate and consider giving you 50% or even 100% consignment term after 12 months.

6). You don't need to pay royalty or franchise fees, or any other kind of management fees. The best of all, we are 100% behind you in terms of warranty and customer support.

7). You make more profits from our aquariums than from other aquariums while knowing your customers are happy because they know well they get exceptional quality of products and services.


a). You must be a pet shop or aquarium store;

b). You must have a physical business address to display and sell our aquarium products. 

c). You are expected to treat both your customers and your suppliers fair and equal.


Just click and fill-up our New Dealer Application  and send it to us today.


As a qualified aquarium service dealer:

You enjoy following privileges:

1). You enjoy our service dealer's drop-ship prices on all our aquarium products.

2). We  refer you new customers in and close to your service areas if there is no AV store dealer near you. If you open your own aquarium retail store later and you order $10,000 of aquarium products from us for your store display, we will refund the 10% surcharge incurred during the last one year prior to the grand opening of your store.

3). You don't need to pay franchise, royalty fees, or any other fees. All you pay is the lower costs of aquarium products you get from us, you keep profits from the resell and services, all to yourself.

4). We provide you with customer support and gives you technical training in need.


a). Your main focus of business must be in relation with aquariums;

b). You must have verifiable experiences in saltwater aquarium service and installation.

c). You are expected to treat both your customers and your suppliers fair and equal.


Just click and fill-up our New Dealer Application  and send it to us today.


Attention, prospective new dealers:

Effective through December 31, 2019, we offer a 2-set-dealer-activation program in the following states: ND, SD, NE, KS, IA, MS, AR, LA, WI, and province Quebec of Canada. Please see details [ here ]

* For a limited time only, we are now paying up to 50% of your local pet show rental cost if you promote our products. For details, please file and New Dealer Application to get a login password to access dealer page.


  If you have any question regarding this program, please send email to: