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                                 dealer-activation program special

                        (Effective through December 31, 2010)

    Instead of $6000 and 6-set minimum order usually required to become our new dealer, you can now, by just ordering 2 sets of Lake View, Ocean View, and/or Moon View aquariums at wholesale dealer prices, provided your business is located in the states specified below:

ND, SD, NE, KS, MN, IA, MS, AR, LA, WI, AL, IN, OH, and province of Quebec of Canada*

    To be eligible for the limited-time special dealer program, you must:

1). Print out the new dealer application form by clicking [here], fill up, and send it to us, accompanied with any one of the following documents, within time limit of the special program:

    a). a copy of your business registration, or

    b). a copy of your business tax return, or

    c). Copies of 2 invoices you received from a distributor/wholesaler of aquarium products in the last 6 months.

2). Order 3 sets, or $3000, of Lake View,  Ocean View, and/or Moon View aquariums at dealer wholesale prices within time limit, and receive them at your business address shown in the above document.

3). Display the aquariums in a prime retail spot of your store for minimum 2 weeks before you let your customers take them home.

By offering this special program, we hope you can see and feel and touch to find out how beautiful our craftsmanship is and all we say we are better is no nonsense, so you can be a fan of our products yourself before you sell to your customers with 100% confidence.


* We reserve the right to delete part of the state/province list after any dealer in the area activates new account. Therefore, the timeliness of your response is important !