Aquarium Series:      

Moon View Aquariums

   Full cylinder

   1/2 cylinder

   1/4 cylinder

   3/4 cylinder

   Pillar hider cylinder

   Roman style

   Piano style

   Library style

   Seamless bow

   U-shape room divider

   High cube


Ocean View Aquariums

   Seamless bow

   U-shape room divider

   Half cylinder


   Piano style

   Full cylinder

   3/4 cylinder

   Cube bow


Star View Aquariums

   Louvre styles


   Screen aquarium

   Jellyfish aquarium

   4-Ultra cube


   Super  custom


Grand View Aquariums

   Seamless bow

   Half cylinder


   panoramic angle





Table Aquariums


Feng Shui Aquariums

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                        Artificial corals and Reef decor

Replaceable multiple coral reef (You can un-plug main corals and switch their insert places for variety of display styles):


             I-002, 26x14x16"(fit thr 11x13" or bigger opening)                    I-003, with submersible  light, 23 x 13 x 11"(fit thr 7x10")                                

                 I-006, multi coral reef, 26x15x17"H                                         I-007, multi coral reef. 21"L x 15"W x 16"H    


I-150, this setup consists of multiple "plug-and-play" corals in variety of species and colors on 3 reefs that can stand either alone or together to suit your needs. One blue submersible light is included to maximize aesthetic effect of your aquarium. 45"L x 23"W x 22"H, accessible to aquarium with 11"x13" opening.

Stand alone coral (red, yellow, blue, green and purple colors available for all styles of stand alone corals below):

                       KA-914, 12" x 12" x 6"                                  KA-916, 11" x 9" x 7"


      I-5, 15 1/2x8x10 1/2", in red, yellow, or green                                            I-3, 13 1/2x5 1/2x12"

               I-6, 10 1/2x8x10", in blue or green                                                           I-1, 14x8x12"

                   I-2, 12x3x19"H                                                                                   I-4, 9x7x12"H


HXA-304, 12x10 1/2x5"                                    HXA-305, 9x6 1/2x6"       


  HXA-207, 7x4x5 1/2"           HXA-212, 5 1/2x5x7"              HXA-221, 8 1/2x8 1/2x5" 


  4-pc pack:     I-022 (each 10x10x5"H)                                        I-033 (each 6x5x5"H)                                                         I-423 (each 9x6x7"H)

5-pc pack:             Pack A (from 3x3x3" to 5x5x5")                                                        Pack B (3x2x2" to 5x2x8")

Multi coral set:   I-021, , 8L x 4W x 5"H               I-023,  9L x 6W x 6"H                        I-025,  13L x 7W x 8"H                            I-031, 9L x 6W x 7"H