Color choices of wood cabinet and canopy

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  F108 White oak /white cherry    - If you have white walls in your room, an aquarium in this color makes itself part of it; If you have your room full of black furniture, an aquarium in this nice and sharp contrast color will take the center stage of your room.  It also looks great in the living room with marbles and stone decors.  This is a popular color choice of interior designers.

F101 European beech  -  Having been very popular in Europe and Asia, it has its unique grain texture among wood species. 

F136  Natural cherry - Conveys a tone closest to the original color of cherry wood.

 F139 Golden oak - Nice-looking wood with subtle grains, blend in well with most living rooms with natural looking wood furniture and flooring. 

  F106 Premium cherry  - Richer than original cherry wood. 

F105 walnut cherry - Provides antiquity that goes well beyond ages.

F103 Rose cherry   - This is the most popular color of all.  The color is so rich and classy, you want to embrace it with your arms.

F134 Black cherry  - Like all the fashion people say: Black goes well with any color.  It's often the truth that our aquarium in this mystic color upgrades all furniture around it.

Still can't find your color match? You can either get a unfinished set from us and paint it yourself, or let us match it for additional $250 to $550.

    Unfinished - For you to apply your own color, or just tell us a MinWax color code and we'll apply it for you ($200~$450 additional charge).

 Want to make a more unique statement, or let us personalize it for you? 

Sure! - We can paint or carve your own artwork or pattern. 

We can even engrave "Custom-made for Your-Name", or your signature, on the furniture. 


 *  Due to occasional changes in our wood stock,  materials and artists, there may be slight variations in color and artwork reproduction. 

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