Canyon View Extend half cylinder multi-use tank set:

This is a unique design we develop for personalized customers looking for combination of beauty, function, visual pleasure and everything within. - The tank on stand is divided in two sections, the high section in the back for regular fish and low section in the curvy front for turtle or other amphibians or terrestrial animals.  The stand has a cave that treasure-hides more tranquilizing features: 3D Amazon forests background, automatic water-spraying system,  mist-maker, water fountain, etc. as option.

Overall dimension with stand: 32"W x 31 1/2"D x 61"H.

Tank fish section: 29"W x 8"D x 25"H (=25 gallons).

Amphibian section (in half circle shape): 29"W x 14"D x 11"H (front edge).

Cave features in stand: 3D Amazon forest background and mist maker.

If you need larger size, contact your local aquarium store to order for you, or contact us directly if there is no dealer near you.