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                             3D backgrounds and coral overflow box covers

Price List


3D coral overflow box or cover to be sold either as glued-on-tank feature, or separately as standard size items.  It can be used as decoration to conceal your existing overflow box. Includes "plug-and-play" corals. Model AC-001 is for use with Aqua Vim's luxurious lines of bow front and half cylinder aquariums from 30" to 36" high, AC-002 for cylinder tanks of 34" through 38" high, AC-003 for corner tank of 30" through 34" high, and AC-001-1 is for use to cover All-Glass/Oceanic's MegaFlow overflow box for tanks ranging from 24" to 29" high.


 3D coral overflow box covers, with "plug-n-play" coral planting slots, for cylinder tanks, typically 185 gal and bigger.

Left above: 3D coral background and overflow box cover.         3D coral overflow box cover for MegaFlow in 24" to 29" high tanks.

3D coral background:

3D coral background + 3D coral overflow covers. The picture shown on the left is a complete custom piece usually glued on tank. The one shown on the right is a set consisting 3 separable units (one background and two overflow covers) for easy removal for cleaning, with large "plug-n-play" corals, and its length is adjustable for 6-ft to 7-ft tanks. We also have 3-unit set for 4-ft to 5-ft tanks. Check price and specification [ here ].


3D reef rock overflow box cover for 29~36" high tank.               3D rock background, 31"x 21"x2", join or cut easily.

                3D rock background, KF-703, 24"x 18"x2".           3D rock background, KF-704, 24"x 18"x2".

                      3D rock + wood background, Amazon style, model KF-710, 47" x 23 1/2" x 11"

                    3D rock + wood background, KF-706, 23 3/4" x 17 1/2" x 4".

    3D rock background with waterfall feature (power head not included), KF-705, 17" x 22" x 6"

AG-60, 3D coral background, or 3D coral wall-mount display, 26"L x 9"W x 19"H

 HXD-502, 3D background, 21x3/4x16"