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            Ocean View series - the Rolls Royce of reef ready aquariums.

    We've spent considerable time doing what nobody else can, making sure our aquarium shows off not only how healthy and happy your aquatic pets are but also what a beautiful and tasteful life you live. 

    Our thermo-bent, optically-clear glass enables you to see the pure, pristine beauty of your under-water world the way nature intended. Our proprietary suspended-double-wall overflow box, handles stronger water current effortlessly, making it the top choice for coral keepers. 

     The roomy design of every Ocean View cabinet stand and canopy gives even the most sophisticated hobbyists the freedom to store plenty of equipment and at the same time, have easy access to it. The 32" high stand, combined with our taller-than-usual tanks, brings the joyful and fascinating activities of your aquatic inhabitants up to eye level. The spacious wood canopy provides you with unlimited ability for adding, changing, or upgrading your lighting fixture.

    In pursuit of perfection, we hand-make every Ocean View cabinet stand and canopy with the finest wood materials available. To make your pride of ownership a lasting one, we apply multi-layers of special water-resistant stains which not only protect the wood but add to its beauty. Wherever the use of metal becomes necessary, we use only stainless steel which is highly corrosion resistant.  It takes a skilled carpenter an average of 4 to 6 days to complete just one cabinet. Our craftsmen treat the creation of these curvy aquarium cabinets and canopies as something of their own making, more like works of fine art.

    This is why we are so proud to make the Ocean View series, the Rolls Royce of Reef Ready Aquariums, available to you. Owning one will, in turn, become a source of great pride for you for many years to come...


    Each tank comes with or without at your option, overflow system, bulkhead fittings, elbows, adapters, water drainage and return PVC tubing, glass splashboard, an innovative feeding tube that enables feeding without lifting canopy cover and splashboard, 32" high carved/handcrafted real wood cabinet stand that has an uniquely designed 2" wood skirt contour along the beautiful curves of edges above the stand platform to hide the tank glue and sands at bottom, and 10" high canopy that has a hinged door on top and a cap-down design to conceal the water-level line, and five year tank leakage warranty.

  Click to view Ocean View styles below: 
                Seamless bow front     corner (quarter cylinder)
                half cylinder                3-quarter cylinder 
                  full cylinder                 U-shape room divider
                Piano style                cube

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