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Ocean View Series - 100, and 125 gallon cylinder glass aquariums

Custom size cylinder tank with custom OV furniture in rose cherry F103.


Standard OV cylinder tanks.

---View more pictures [ here ], or similar style in Moon View series

Ocean View cylinder tanks:

100 gallon:  Tank dimension: 32"W x 30"H, cabinet stand height: 32", approx., tank comes with pre-drilled hole for DragonFlow.

125 gallon:  Tank dimension: 32"W x 36"H, cabinet stand height: 32", approx.

Want bigger size? - View more cylinder aquariums in [ Moon View series ]

        What is included: FYI: Except for 100 gallon tank (that is equipped with a 4" DragonFlow), each cylinder aquarium has 3 pre-drilled holes and tubes inside its 9" overflow box: one for water drainage, one for return, the third one for wires to run through so you can run your wire for lighting to the tank top without wire being seen.

 Colors to choose: make your choice by clicking here

 Optional accessories for this setup:    

         *Aqua Vim Smart Sump Filter, to achieve ecological water quality for your fish and corals. (For 150 gallon or bigger saltwater tank setup, upgrade to SuperQuiet pump and/or ETSS SumpBuddy skimmer is highly recommended).

        * Lighting systems: Choose MH + T5 combination fixture for your reef tank, or T5 HO fluorescent for fish only.

        * UV sterilizer to control algae and prevent fish disease.

         * Cooling fan with automatic speed control: If you use metal halide light inside canopy, this is indispensable.

        * CrossWave Rotary Wave System: This system sweeps your corals with periodic, turbulent waves at your targeted range automatically, to make your reef corals thrive.

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