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Moon View series - Emperor's Pride

        Moon View aquariums reflect an aquarist's aesthetic refinement...

        This following remark by one of our dealers made to a repeat customer, tells all: "Ocean View is the Rolls Royse, Moon View is your private jet"... 

        Every glass tank is scrutinized to make sure it is flawless; every piece of furniture for the aquarium is handcrafted using real wood...

        Only top grade materials are utilized; fine details are painstakingly paid attention to...

        You can even request a custom order, something extraordinary and unique like 2 piano shape tanks back-to-back, or a figure eight "8" shape aquarium using two Pillar hider cylinder or 3-quarter-cylinder tanks

        We can also paint or carve your own artwork or pattern; we can even do custom engraving "Made for your name" or your signature on the furniture. - Nothing is impossible. After all, in our eyes, YOU are the emperor...

        The Moon View series has 11 standard styles, each equipped with 15" high front-open canopy for easy access and target feed. If you prefer, you can also design your own furniture style and aquarium for absolutely custom look in your home or office. And you can rest assured that our engineers will make certain that your design is structurally sound before your order is executed.

        Because of the complicated skills required and the time involved to hand-make such masterpieces, Moon View styles are all very limited in quantity. None of the models in production exceeds 300 sets annually.

Each Moon View tank comes with or without at your option, built-in pre-filtration overflow box that sucks fish wastes from bottom, middle, and water surface, bulkhead fittings, elbows, adapters, water drainage and return PVC tubing, splashboard, an innovative feeding tube that enables feeding without having to remove the wood canopy and glass cover, up to 36" high carved/handcrafted real wood cabinet stand that has an uniquely designed 2" wood skirt contour along the beautiful curves of edges above the stand platform to hide the tank glue and sands at bottom, and a 15" high front-open canopy that has cooling fan slots and lighting fixture hanging hooks and a cap-down design to conceal the water-level line, and five year tank leakage warranty.

Click to see Moon View styles below: 

               Library style                  Roman style
                      full cylinder                            3-quarter cylinder                   
             Pillar hider cylinder                  half cylinder
            MV seamless bow front            Piano style
                    MV room divider                    MV corner (1/4 cylinder)

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