How do I place an order?

    For individuals, please first check our Dealer List.  If you are within 25 miles of any one of our dealers, we will not usually accept your order unless the aquarium you are interested is one of our "special deals" which usually means the aquarium is somewhat less than perfect or it is an older floor display model. If you are far away from our dealers, you can either invite your local aquarium store to become our dealer and order for you, or you can purchase directly from us by sending us an email or Order Form, we will confirm availability and prices by email, and ship to you after receiving full Paypal or credit card payment.  You may earn a $100 fish or coral credit, or shipping discount, or both, by encouraging your local store to join us - see details [ here ].

    For retail stores, you need to become our dealer first to carry our products. To become our dealer and enjoy exclusive territory, click [ here ].

    For NYS or NYC resident, you can buy only through our dealers.

    For approved dealers, send us your Purchase Order either by email or by fax (718-433-4826).


How do I pay for my aquarium? Can I use my credit card?

We accept cashier's check or money order, PayPal, and non-corporate American Express, Discover, Visa, and Master cards. Check can be made payable to Aqua Vim Corporation and sent to 54-08 46th Street, Maspeth, NY 11378; PayPal can be made to