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    Grand View Series - 24, and 180 gallon panoramic angle.

                        --What's the difference between AquaVim's wood stands and others'? Compare [ here ]


            24 gal, mahogany                                       

24 gallon panoramic angle:

       Overall dimension: 24"L x 15"W x 50"H, Tank dimension: 24"L x 14"W x 17"H, approx.

        Built-in Lighting fixture for: 2 x fluorescent tubes.

        Upper filter, filter pads, and power head included.

        Choice of colors: mahogany, and European beech.


180 gallon panoramic angle, seamless curved glass aquarium, in European beech, with real wood stand.

    Overall dimension: 72"L x 24"W x 64"H, with Lake View real wood stand, approx.

    Tank dimension: 71"L x 23"W x 25"H, approx.

    Built-in Lighting fixture including 3 x 25 Watt + 3 x 30 watt fluorescent tubes

    Top filter, media, and power head included.

    Colors available: European beech.


Optional accessories for these setups:    

            *Canister filter for aquarium water quality.

            * UV sterilizer to control algae and kill fish disease.

            *Other accessories

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