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                                       Feng Shui Series - for your good luck as well.

    You would not believe aquarium has its mystic power until you really see a tank like this in motion and are deeply magnetized yourself by its condensed beauty of the great nature. 

    You not only enjoy watching your fish, but also above-water scenery with mountain cliffs, waterfalls, plants and flowers, streams, morning mist, fortune wheel, bird, animals, bridges, boat, fisherman, and many other figuring and features. 

    Feng Shui Aquariums are built by hands of artists according to the Chinese thousand-year-time-tested Feng Shui theory. It takes two artists 7 to 10 days to finish only one aquarium. Just like any other pieces of fine arts, no one aquarium is exactly same as the other, making it more appealing for collection.

    As a matter of fact, according to feedbacks from our customers, putting these aquariums near the doors of their stores does help attract more businesses. Does it work for you as well? - We are eager to know.

Feng Shui feature includes seamless curve glass tank, a stylish wood cabinet stand, motion features such as fortune wheel, waterfall feature, lucky ball, mist making feature, and still articles such as plants, pavilion, tower, boat, birds, frog, rabbit, and many other decorative and auspicious figures and objects.

 Available shapes are: Bow front, corner (quarter cylinder), and U-shape room divider.

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