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                           Feng Shui Series


Feng Shui corner and room-divider glass aquariums, with brick style wood stands. Click the following picture to view a movie clip:

  Feng Shui Aquarium w/Yang stones, 80 gallons, seamless curved panoramic angle glass tank. Overall Dimension: 48"L x 19"W x 60"H (with cabinet stand)



     Feng Shui Aquarium w/Yang stones, a 60 gallons U-shape room-divider. Enjoy viewing your fish and above-water scenery from both your dinning room and living room.   Overall Dimension:  40"L x 20"W x 60"H (with cabinet stand)


      80 gallon Feng Shui Aquarium w/Ying stones, and bamboo style wood cabinet stands.


                        Closer views


    What you see at left above is a fortune wheel being turned by waterfall dripping down from cliffy mountain, with a man looking at the scenery, symbolizing the coming of good fortune. At the right hand above, is a lucky ball rotated by water driven up from the tank, in addition to the look-out pavilion, climb steps, bridge, fishing man and other figures. As water stands for wealth and fortune in Feng Shui, the symbolic significance of this whole "aqua-scape" is to imply and promote "money comes to me from all directions". (For more relating topic, please click and read "A Feng Shui Guide - Where to Position Your Aquarium?" -written by Feng Shui artist Mr. Ji Yuan.)

    Seen on both pictures above, is the natural mist-making feature that gives you more than just relax and soothe and great scenery.  It provides the negative ions for your breath comfort, and enables you to plant your own live plants and makes them flourishing with little care. Best of all, it does not use any chemical. The only thing it uses is water and your fish likes it, too. 

        With Feng Shui Aquarium, you can replace some of the artificial plants with live plants of your own preference. The mist, the  waterfalls and the fish tank itself provides moist and nourishment to your green leaves.

   Setting up a Feng Shui aquarium is easy. We have made almost everything ready for you. Just hook up the flexible hose for waterfall with your pump and/or canister filter, and  add  your gravels and fish, you will have a crystal clear glass aquarium with above-water landscapes of stunning beauty, enabling you to attract customers into your business, or to share and enjoy this condensed, enriched, splendid scenery of nature in your home with your loved ones.


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