Aquarium Series:      

Moon View Aquariums

   Full cylinder

   1/2 cylinder

   1/4 cylinder

   3/4 cylinder

   Pillar hider cylinder

   Roman style

   Piano style

   Library style

   Seamless bow

   U-shape room divider

   High cube


Ocean View Aquariums

   Seamless bow

   U-shape room divider

   Half cylinder


   Piano style

   Full cylinder

   3/4 cylinder

   Cube bow


Star View Aquariums

   Louvre styles


   Screen aquarium

   Jellyfish aquarium

   4-Ultra cube


   Super  custom


Grand View Aquariums

   Seamless bow

   Half cylinder


   panoramic angle





Table Aquariums


Feng Shui Aquariums

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                                        Contact Us 

Address : 54-08 46th Street, Maspeth, New York 11378, U.S.A.  View [ map ] (Since we are a wholesaler not a retailer, appointment is required for visit).

Hours: 10:00am ~ 6:00pm, EST, Mon thr Fri. Closed in weekends and public holidays.

Tel: 1-718-433-2698; or 1-718-766-9038        

Fax: 1-718-433-4826      

  E-mails:    For General Information:  aquavim@aol.com

                   For Sales:  sales@4fishtank.com

             If you do not receive email reply from us within 2 days, it's likely your email was filtered out by our email Spam program. You can then either try send it again from another email address of yours or call us during business hours, or send us fax. You can also leave voice message on 1-718-766-9038 if no one answer. 

Order and Payment Process:

        For expedited order process, please either make money order payable to Aqua Vim Corporation, and sent to: 54-08 46th Street, Maspeth, New York 11378, U.S.A., with a copy of filled-up Order Confirmation;

       or        pay via PayPal, to: payment@4fishtank.com

       or  fill up Credit Card Authorization Form and Order Confirmation and fax to 718-433-4826.

For truckload purchases, dealership/partnership inquiries, or other corporate business matters, contact: AquaVim@aol.com

  • We are now looking for dealers in North American. There is no royalty or franchise fees to pay. We launch advertisement campaigns nation-wide and world-wide, and direct customers to your location.
  • If you are interested, please click and fill-up our New Dealer Application and send it to us. Or, you can read more about this dealer program by clicking Words for New Dealers, and New Dealer Special Program.

Note to consumer: We are not a retail store, but a wholesaler. It is likely you get better prices from our dealers than from us directly, except for some aquariums that we occasionally publish on this website as special sales at discount prices because of one or more of the following reasons: unit has imperfection such like a nick or scratch on cabinet caused during moving or display, or it has been in stock for too long and we want to get rid of so we can bring in newer version product. If you are a NYS or NYC resident, you can buy only from our dealers.

So, if you are an individual consumer, we suggest you go to one of our dealers listed [ here ], and see with your own eyes and feel with your own hands, to find out how beautiful our products are and be amazed by the fine touched quality of our craftsmanship.

If you don't find one of our authorized dealers in your area from our Dealer List, you may enjoy a deep discount, free shipping, plus a reward. See details by clicking Promotion Incentive Program.

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