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Canyon View Series: U-Shaped Room Divider

Canyon View aquarium is ideal for place where essence of water is needed for soothing and healthy enjoyment of your family - With this style, as an example: From eye level you enjoy a panoramic view of your aquatic pets in a state-of-art seamlessly curved glass tank that includes a hide-away filtration system that provides smooth flow of clean water and thriving environment year round; Below the main tank you are entertained with silky water falls sliding down along the natural rocky cliffs, to meet with a calming pond with bell-shape water fountain and ionized mist to wake up the aesthetics in you, and a remote controller that controls the water falls, lights, mist, pump separately.  You can also use the pond as a habitat for your baby fish, shrimp, reptile, or other amphibious animals and plants, or just use it as a flower planting base, all up to your desire.

Gallon size of main tank: 180 gallon

Main tank dimensions: 60" x 24" x 30"

Setup dimension: 65 x 28 x 68"

Colors available: marble (shown in picture above).

215 gallon Moon View Roman style aquarium and 180 gallon Canyon View U-shape room divider water fall tank combo.


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