Bay View Aquarium Series

Different from our Moon View aquarium that is euphonized by real wood cabinetry of fine craftsmanship, the Bay View aquariums boasts a contemporary element unlike any other. Its exceptional quality of glass tank stays the same, while its stand is engineered with structure-enhanced stainless steel inside and smooth acrylic overlay that reflects the look of natural stone or wood of your choice. This series also includes a removable glass terrace above the aquarium which allows for display of art pieces or any other decoration. You can also give us a digital image, such as a personalized picture of your family or business, and we print out and press onto the aquarium background.  This new style portrays a more lustrous appearance and uplifts a more pleasant, personalized ambiance inside the home.

*Included features: sump filter, plumbing kit, overflow box, predrilled holes, feeding tube


Styles Available:

Full Cylinder

3-quarter Cylinder

Seamless bowfront


View the choices of colors below (If not currently in stock, lead time takes up to 3 months):