Bay View Seamless U-shape glass aquariums

180 gallon U-shape Room Divider

This Bay View aquarium comes with pre-drilled holes and AquaVim’s iconic half-circle shape overflow box that handles over 2,000gph flow rate, making it an ideal design for flow-demanding reef keeping as well as freshwater setups. Its 33" high cabinet stand brings the underwater world up to your eye level. It also comes with a removable glass top for artistic display, and tank-top and bottom wrap-around for concealing your lighting fixture, water level line stains and substrate sides from being seen.

The stand is structured first with extra thickened, high-grade stainless steel welded to form its sturdy frames, then firmly enclosed with selected water-resistant acrylic to match the beauty of the tank above, assuring its owner that the integrity of the tank set will sustain in a salty environment for many years to come.

Its included 3-stage wet-dry sump filter comes with media and in-stand plumbing fittings.

The aquarium has an overall dimension of 60" x 24" x 69" approx. Tank height is about 30".