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Aqua Vim is a trademark registered with United States Patent and Trademark Office. As a New York State Corporation doing business in New York City since 2001, China South Group Inc (CSG) is actively engaged in design, manufacture, and import of products for upscale markets. CSG has six divisions: Garment & Fashion, Automobile & Parts, Lighting, Furniture, Import & Export Trading, and Aquarium Manufacturing. In order to cope with the growing market of our unique style aquariums, in the year of 2009, Aqua Vim Corporation is established as a separate entity to distribute Aqua Vim brand-name aquariums and relating products.


     Garment & Fashion                             Lighting                        Automobile & Parts                



               Furniture                                                  Aquarium Manufacturing             Import & Export 

     In North America, CSG's efforts have been to focus on perfecting the quality and integrity of our products.

    Two groups of our products have earned great reputations in the USA. They are:

bulletGarment: With factories based in Japan, Hong Kong, and mainland China, we supply quality clothing that is sold in Macy's, Kohl's, Target, Sam's club, Chico, and many other stores.
bulletContact our Garment Division in New York to make inquiries and to order truck-load quantities of garments. (100 dz. minimum, delivery to be made in as little as 45 days), or visit the website of our garment factories
bulletAquarium: With unconditional supports from our multi-million dollar manufacturing facilities, we are able to bring the unique beauty, fine craftsmanship, and superior quality of our aquarium products to hobbyists who want nothing but the bests. Our seamless curved aquariums, sturdily built with our clearer-than-usual glass, artfully matched with handmade, contoured wood cabinet stands and canopies, have earned admirations virtually from every dealers and hobbyists who have seen and used our products. Our Ocean View and Moon View series aquariums, in particular, outperform the best names in USA in material quality, craftsmanship, safety, and functionality, making AquaVim, our registered trade mark for top-notched aquarium products, the most-sought-after brand name in reef keeping society.
bulletWe are now looking for dealers to enjoy exclusive trading areas. (Sorry, most areas of New York City and Long Island are full - we no longer accept applications of new dealers for these areas.)
bulletSimply click and fill-up our New Dealer Application and send it to us today. Or, you can read more about this dealer program by clicking Introduction for New Dealers, and New Dealer Special Program.
bulletWe are also looking for a joint venture partner, to setup and run our 2nd distribution center, ideally in west coast USA. Click  [ Joint Venture Partner ] for details.


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